Early Bird Registration till 15th Sept 2018. || Click Here to Register Online || WBMC accredited 13 Credit Hours || IF YOU WANT TO PAY FOR REGISTRATION YOU MAY SEND THROUGH NEFT. NEFT DETAILS ARE GIVEN IN OUR BROCHURE. || AFTER DOING NEFT PLEASE CONTACT MR RAJESH NAYAK (6290059792).

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Registration Charges for Workshop on
5th October, 2018 : Rs. 3500 per member (with Lunch and Dinner) (Seats limited, Main Conference Registration is Mandatory)
Registration Charges for Conference
on 6th & 7th October, 2018
Category Upto 31st August 2018 Upto 30th Sept 2018 From 1st October onwards
IRIA Members INR 6000/- INR 7000/- INR 8500/-
Radiologist Non-Member INR 7000/- INR 8000/- INR 9500/-
PG Students INR 5500/- INR 6500/- INR 7500/-
Spouse/Accompany INR 8000/- INR 8000/- INR 8500/-
Spot Registration subject to availability

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* Seats Limited, please register early!

West Bengal Medical Council will accrediate us credit hours for this Programme Last year Credit Point were 13 hours